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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Our Democratic Election system is still full of Bribery

             Democracy is all about the government protecting people's basic and political rights, having fair elections and so on. But is our democracy really protecting the rights of people? Is everybody guaranteed their basic right that is stated in the Constitution? I think not. There are many politician who main concerns are getting more money and taking advantage of the people. Many politician use their political status and money to silence anyone who pose a threat to them. Just because a person has money and power doesn't exactly put them in a predicament to take advantage of others. Gaining publicity by bribing people isn't fair. It is corruptness!
             It should be illegal since the democratic system is all about having fair elections, letting the people vote for who they want to vote rather than who they have to vote for. I don't know about everyone but I want the election process to be fair, I want candidates to win judging by their qualifications and not by how much money they have to spend. The sad truth is that the United States is deviating from a fair democratic system to a system that isn't very fair like the one of the past. Back then, the United States had poltical machines. Political machines are a group of  people who would use bribery to gain advantage of what they wanted. These group of people usually get what they are seeking for. Isn't it funny that these political machines actaully hold political positions? Well not really; when we actually see our economy on the brink of corruptness, the joke is on us.

             So we citizens of the United States need to wake up and smell the coffee. We have to really get involve in how the government works. Lets stop these politicans before they get out of control. We have more power over them since there are more of us than them. Lets put our heads together and come as one. Let us get more involve in how our government works, so we can truly see if our government is making changes that would benefit us. We need to get these corrupt polticans out of office. It's not going to happen overnight, but I believe that if we work really hard there would be great results. Come on people of the United States lets fight to keep the United States a Democarcy.

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  1. great job! we need to really stop all this corption!