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Thursday, December 24, 2009

2008-2009 Recession or is it really a recession?

The United States has been going through what is known as a recession. A recession is the state of the economy decline. Which basically means that our economy isn't doing so good. The recession had several effects on our society. One effect is that many business closed down due to money loss. Since many business closed down many people became unemployed. Numerous people in the United States is unemployed and is dealing with debt but is the United States really in a recession? Is the United States on a brink of being broke? I don't think so. Although many people who are living like they are broke, they're many people who are living like the recession never happened. They make tons of money and spend it any how. They don't seem to care that their neighbors are trying to make sure they have enough to pay bills and so on. They don't care that many people lost their homes and are now homeless. All they care is themselves. It's like they are ostracized from the economy because they are wealthy. So,I don't really think that we are all going through a recession because some are not affected by it.

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