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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Are free riders free loaders?

The United States have an democratic election process where people who are eighteen and above can vote for any candidate they want. It is obvious that some of those people don't vote since the result of the elections doesn't equal the amount of people living in the United States who are eighteen and above. Those people are known as free riders. Many people argue that the free riders are free loaders because they benefit from the outcome of the election when they didn't participate in the election process. The people who vote feel that they should be given more privileges than the people who don't vote. I feel that everyone should have the same privileges. I don't blame the free riders for not voting. They probably have a good explanation for not voting. Not everyone understands how the voting process works, and not everyone knows about the candidates who are running. Many people don't have television, computer, and so on. So how can we expect them to vote. Its like telling a baby to rule the United States. How can we expect some one to do something when they don't know how and they don't have the resource to do it. If we really wanted the free riders to vote then we would really get involve and show them how to vote. I don't think that the free riders are really free loaders they are just a bunch of confused people.

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