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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Are free riders free loaders?

The United States have an democratic election process where people who are eighteen and above can vote for any candidate they want. It is obvious that some of those people don't vote since the result of the elections doesn't equal the amount of people living in the United States who are eighteen and above. Those people are known as free riders. Many people argue that the free riders are free loaders because they benefit from the outcome of the election when they didn't participate in the election process. The people who vote feel that they should be given more privileges than the people who don't vote. I feel that everyone should have the same privileges. I don't blame the free riders for not voting. They probably have a good explanation for not voting. Not everyone understands how the voting process works, and not everyone knows about the candidates who are running. Many people don't have television, computer, and so on. So how can we expect them to vote. Its like telling a baby to rule the United States. How can we expect some one to do something when they don't know how and they don't have the resource to do it. If we really wanted the free riders to vote then we would really get involve and show them how to vote. I don't think that the free riders are really free loaders they are just a bunch of confused people.

2008-2009 Recession or is it really a recession?

The United States has been going through what is known as a recession. A recession is the state of the economy decline. Which basically means that our economy isn't doing so good. The recession had several effects on our society. One effect is that many business closed down due to money loss. Since many business closed down many people became unemployed. Numerous people in the United States is unemployed and is dealing with debt but is the United States really in a recession? Is the United States on a brink of being broke? I don't think so. Although many people who are living like they are broke, they're many people who are living like the recession never happened. They make tons of money and spend it any how. They don't seem to care that their neighbors are trying to make sure they have enough to pay bills and so on. They don't care that many people lost their homes and are now homeless. All they care is themselves. It's like they are ostracized from the economy because they are wealthy. So,I don't really think that we are all going through a recession because some are not affected by it.

eighteen year olds aren't old enough to vote

The 26Th amendment (Voting age nationally established at eighteen) lowered the voting age from twenty-one to eighteen on July1,1971, but was it a smart move? Many people argued that if a person can go to war than they should also be able to vote. Although I understand what the people are saying, I feel that eighteen year old are not mature enough to vote. I feel this way because i see many of them joke about voting. They don't value the virtue of it. They take advantage of their new found privilege and mistreat it by either not voting or voting for a candidate whose motives are villainy. Voting during elections is a very serious thing because the outcome of the elections would affect the American people. Voting for a strong and qualified candidate, signifies the United States as a strong nation. The saying "Age comes with wisdom" would represent this; the older a person gets the wiser they become. Therefore eighteen year old shouldn't have the privilege to vote. They should wait until they are older like when they are twenty-one.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Our Democratic Election system is still full of Bribery

             Democracy is all about the government protecting people's basic and political rights, having fair elections and so on. But is our democracy really protecting the rights of people? Is everybody guaranteed their basic right that is stated in the Constitution? I think not. There are many politician who main concerns are getting more money and taking advantage of the people. Many politician use their political status and money to silence anyone who pose a threat to them. Just because a person has money and power doesn't exactly put them in a predicament to take advantage of others. Gaining publicity by bribing people isn't fair. It is corruptness!
             It should be illegal since the democratic system is all about having fair elections, letting the people vote for who they want to vote rather than who they have to vote for. I don't know about everyone but I want the election process to be fair, I want candidates to win judging by their qualifications and not by how much money they have to spend. The sad truth is that the United States is deviating from a fair democratic system to a system that isn't very fair like the one of the past. Back then, the United States had poltical machines. Political machines are a group of  people who would use bribery to gain advantage of what they wanted. These group of people usually get what they are seeking for. Isn't it funny that these political machines actaully hold political positions? Well not really; when we actually see our economy on the brink of corruptness, the joke is on us.

             So we citizens of the United States need to wake up and smell the coffee. We have to really get involve in how the government works. Lets stop these politicans before they get out of control. We have more power over them since there are more of us than them. Lets put our heads together and come as one. Let us get more involve in how our government works, so we can truly see if our government is making changes that would benefit us. We need to get these corrupt polticans out of office. It's not going to happen overnight, but I believe that if we work really hard there would be great results. Come on people of the United States lets fight to keep the United States a Democarcy.